As someone who likes her tea in the morning and chocolate whenever it can be had you can imagine my surprise when I read in the December 2013 Harvard Health Letter that caffeine has taken up residence in some surprising places. Like any product, it’s not really a ‘bad’ thing if kept in moderation and provided it doesn’t have health consequences for you. Some people are naturally more sensitive to it than others. In order to keep sleep cycles on track caffeine is best stopped by twelve noon and over-doing it even before noon will likely leave you feeling pretty wired.

Some sources found in foods are ones we might expect such as colas and ‘energy’ drinks or waters but ginger ale? Indeed, it’s being added now!

I was also surprised to learn its being added to pie crusts, breakfast bars, yogurts, oatmeal and mints.

If you’re concerned about caffeine intake for yourself or someone else in your life it will be important to carefully read the labels of products to make sure you’re not consuming more than you want to in any given day.