Wow ~ I can hear the opposition already and you’ve just read the headline! Money is tight, patients/clients need to be seen, patients/clients want to be booked, if I’m not in the office then I’ll lose money. Maybe. Let me ask you this, if you don’t take time off and re-charge for yourself how are you going to be a Thriving Clinician? If you’re not a Thriving Clinician then what? You’ll get by? Don’t you want more? Don’t you deserve more?

This year provides some Thriving Clinicians with a unique block of potentially 2 weeks at the end of December and early January with some interesting scheduling challenges. Between Christmas and New Year’s being on Wednesdays, school districts closing for at least one and a half weeks if not 2 and the general slow down that comes with the end of the year a Thriving Clinician would be wise to think about this issue now, in the beginning of the month.

I appreciate that revenue might be tight or that you are worried about losing potential patients/clients in not being in the office but isn’t there more benefit to you taking off a few days which would far outweigh the income to be generated in going in? Are so many clients/patients going to actually show up that it makes sense for you to put off taking time for yourself? You have to decide for yourself but I’m guessing not! I’m also guessing that most clients/patients will not want to be seen that week because they have their own family obligations to attend to.

As a Thriving Clinician its imperative that you take the time to actually Thrive! So, without suggesting how you use your time I am suggesting you take some time this year ~ the calendar has given us all a bit of a scheduling gift and it would be sad to not use it wisely.

All the best to you for your Holiday Season!