As a Thriving Clinician you have any number of items on your to do list, I’m sure of it. Between making sure you have the supplies you need and having appointments booked with patients there’s a great deal to be done to keep your practice up and running. So how can routine help? They take away the need to think too much and that in turn leads to less stress and less stress is really useful!

Getting into good, productive routines for your Thriving Practice is much easier than changing a routine that is no longer working. What does that take? First you’ll want to give some thought to what needs doing ~ what are you already spending your time on when you’d prefer to be spending that on working with patients/clients.

Do you realize you’re scrambling to talk to parents as your next appointment is walking in the door? Perhaps you can change your routine a bit so that you either book patients a bit further apart or end 3-4 minutes sooner to have time with a parent; keeping them in the loop is part of your good therapy practices. Have you noticed that you’re ordering supplies at the last minute and then paying for express delivery? If you made it part of your routine to check and re-order supplies on an every three week cycle you’d always have a handle on where your supplies stood and not have to worry about “will those reward stickers I ordered get in on time?” Being mindful of not only your schedule but also that of those who come to you for your expertise is also critical; it sends the message that you know how to manage your time wisely.

In the next month I challenge you to be more mindful of your current routines as they relate to your practice delivery systems ~ booking appointments, collecting insurance information or financial information, communicating with parents and following up with referral sources, returning phone calls. Do you have systems in place that work for you? Would you like to change any of them? With January 1st coming up quickly now is the time to think about instituting some changes!