I was struck the other day when someone first told me they weren’t sleeping well and then went on to tell me they were falling asleep on their couch and essentially spending the night there! A Thriving Clinician and Thriving Individual just can’t be truly Thriving when sleep is an issue.

Here are some additional tips to help you:

Sleep needs to happen in your bed ~ not the couch, the recliner or in the car. Starting off on the couch trains your brain to think its an acceptable location for sleep. If you start to feel sleepy on the couch and it is not yet “bed time” get up, move, do something else to avoid the temptation to drift off to sleep.

Make sure your bed is comfortable. I know this sounds basic. If you’re not comfortable or if the bed isn’t big enough for you and any sleep partners (including pets!) then its time to invest in a new bed. And yes, the word invest is used here because sleeping on an air mattress is fine for short periods like a family vacation is not appropriate for longer periods of time.

Turn off the electronics. That means, in case that’s not clear, watching TV from bed or working on the computer or playing a video game. You and your brain need to associate your bedroom or bed space as a place of peace and quiet. TVs and music can be slowly weaned down over a period of a couple of weeks but if you’re leaving them on all night or thinking you’ll wake up later to turn them off you’re also depriving yourself of a good night’s sleep.

Get a good pillow. Pillows now come in all sorts of variations including ones for side sleepers, back sleepers, face down sleepers and pregnant women. Pillows don’t last a lifetime so if they start to be uncomfortable it is time to replace them.

Wishing you a good nights sleep on the road to Thriving!