Getting Ready for the Holidays

With November here that means we’re about to start the Season of Holidays. Holidays, although many find them fun and wondrous, are also stressful between the usual things that need doing and those special events such as family gatherings.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to a Thriving Holiday Season:

Plan, plan, plan. The more you know about, plan for and get ready for the easier it is. You can purchase holiday gifts now (or in January for those of you with super planning skills!), look at your schedule to see what’s coming up and get “the decks cleared” as the saying goes in my family.

Set boundaries. Sound familiar? Although we tend to get swept up in the fun of the holiday it can sometimes be best to keep certain routines intact or schedules on track.

Set a budget. Holidays are even more stressful if we are concerned about the credit card bill in January.

Allow someone else to cook. Especially for large meals, when there are many tasks at hand, it can be a real stress-buster to bring in food from a caterer. Does that feel too fancy or expensive? You can make any number of items days or weeks in advance if they are properly stored. Did you know that cranberry relish can be frozen and no one will be the wiser at the dinner table? Ask guests to bring something; people like to participate and be a part of so why not let them?

Take a look at your expectations. Expectations are a real stressor even to a Thriving Individual such as yourself. We tend to get down when things, people or the weather don’t meet what we expect of them. Lowering expectations or remembering how it has gone in the past, is a great way to get ready for the holidays. Aunt Suzi is not any more likely to turn on the furnace in her home this year than she was last year so layer up with warm clothing and have a great time instead of shivering and wondering when it will be time to leave!

The holidays don’t last forever and while they’re here its nice to enjoy what you can from them. Good luck on your planning!