Confidence ~ You So Have This!

Last month we talked about courage and this month we’re going to take moment to look at confidence. If, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “courage is fear that doesn’t overwhelm you” then confidence is repeatedly taking that courage and applying it to new situations.  Believe it or not confidence is an action oriented step; it’s NOT passive.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “fake it until you make it?” Well, that’s a very short instruction guide for building confidence. Doing, moving, being is what builds confidence, not thinking about it.

Get moving – literally! Exercise helps our bodies any number of ways, some of which we’ll explore in the next posting, but for building confidence it helps to know that you can move about in the environment to the best of your ability. Slowed down because you’ve got bum knees? That doesn’t mean you can’t move! You can swim, you can do upper body work, you can even move while sitting in a chair!

Do something nice for someone else. Smiling at person next to us, holding open a door or answering the phone with a smile on your face all help us build confidence.

Stop or at least turn down the volume of negative self talk. Since we really do believe the stuff we tell ourselves, it is much more useful to say nice things to ourselves than negative things.

Project didn’t go as planned? Call those glitches by another name such as ‘learning opportunities’. We have the ability to learn something about ourselves or new situations each time things don’t go as expected.

Great example: The rollout of the Affordable Care Act didn’t go off as smoothly as had been hoped thanks to a number of technical issues. Learning opportunity to be taken away? When launching a big new project it might be useful to keep it as simple as possible.

Stick around and in the coming months I’ll offer up some other great ways to boost confidence and keep you on track toward your goals!