Courage is an interesting thing ~ do you have it? Do you need it?!

If you’re starting to think about making a BIG CHANGE in your life such as taking on private clients or shifting the focus of your current work it’s a mighty useful tool to call upon. But how?

Eleanor Roosevelt is widely quoted with saying, “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot do.”

We’ll look at confidence on another day but for now let’s start with courage.

How to gather it?

Start off by acknowledging that what you’re considering is going to be moving you out of what you’re comfortable with. Comfortable means we are used to it, even if it’s pretty unpleasant. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? If you’re planning on taking on a new role it’s going to be helpful to say out loud that this new thing is going to be a bit scary. Scary does NOT mean bad…its just a bit unnerving in this case!

Begin to think about small ways you can get from here to there. No one is suggesting you jump over a major hurtle all at once! What’s one tiny thing you can do? Perhaps for you that means beginning to tell your close friends or family what you’re thinking or maybe starting to go to workshops to learn more.

Ask yourself “what’s the worse thing that could happen if…” You decide to take a workshop on adaptive communication with the end goal in your mind that you’ll offer more of it in your private practice. So what if you don’t use it any time soon? Or someone from your current practice setting sees you there? They’re there too! Each experience we have has the potential to provide us with more information that will ultimately move us forward toward our goal.

Next up ~ Confidence! Stick around to learn more next month!