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I am so excited! I’m taking nearly 30 years of professional experience, combining it with mad skills in life planning and design, and adding a shake of my own personal history to bring you a one week, leave-it-all-on-the-table workshop to help you get your life on track.

As a licensed clinical social worker and coach I’ve worked with clients from a tremendously wide range of backgrounds, values and circumstances. After many years of working for others, I went out in my own full time private practice over 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Having always been told I was an ‘unconventional therapist,’ it finally became clear that many of my super-powers stem from coaching skills so I got myself training as a coach! I now have the privilege of combining my skills in an area which really speaks to me; life planning and design. I help my clients craft plans for their goals so they can live fully in the now with an eye toward the future. Together we explore practices which are specifically designed to assist my clients sustain their progress.

The reality of living life is that sometimes things happen; we get stuck making a living and forget to make a life, we realize where we are isn’t where we meant to be, sometimes we recognize we’re not being true to ourselves in some way. While the initial sting of these truths may hurt, they also serve a valuable purpose ~ they can help guide us in new directions.

Like lots of people, I thought I had at least a little bit of a grasp on where I was headed. I remember when I had just gotten a new job, with a fancy title and the stability I thought came with working for a larger institution. I had missed on my way through the front door the sign that must have read, “This Place Will Suck You Dry and Not Pay You”.

I didn’t realize until almost 10 years later what had happened; I had spent all that time and had very little to show for it. My social life was limited because I was always working or recovering from it. My drive to move out of a dark, damp apartment was crushed by a creeping ambivalence. My desire to travel for extended periods of time ~ read longer than 4-5 days ~ had been killed by my belief that I “couldn’t” take that much time away. Yikes.

My turn around began with an incredible act of unexpected generosity and kindness. I started to take classes. I started to dream again. I started to recognize that it was well beyond time to get back to what mattered to me. And I did it! I can tell you I’m pretty darn happy. If I did this, I can show you how to too. I don’t believe in ‘secret’ formulas ~ ask and I’m happy to share!

This workshop is for you if:
• You recognize that there is an underlying sense of something not being ‘right.’
• You’ve made changes but are concerned about sustaining them.
• The feeling that you want more than what you have now and aren’t sure how to do that.
• You’ve recently experienced a life-changing event (the illness of a parent, loss of a job, change in your relationships, your own major illness) and have learned that time is short, you are ready to carpe diem!

What do you get out of this?

♥ Clarity ~ about where you are now as well as where you want to head.
♥ Support ~ together we’ll move forward and its always better with friends!
♥ Awareness ~ learning more about yourself, your goals and your journey.
♥ Connections ~ you will meet others who are as interested in this process as you are.
♥ New Ideas ~ sometimes we don’t know about all the options out there, together we’ll identify new options.
♥ Courage ~ to go deeper, to go further into the change process.
♥ Clear Voice ~ you will find the words, the voice, to say what you might need to say, want to say.
♥ Core Stability ~ you will have the opportunity to gain a solid core what what’s important to you and what makes that so.
♥ Skills ~ to manage the bumps in the road, the curve balls.

Starting on Monday, October 23th we’ll start our travels together! What an adventure it will be!

If you’ve read this far I’m thinking you are pretty interested in this! So let’s do something fun – I am so excited about this workshop that I am willing to have you tell me what you think it might be worth to you. You read that correctly! You get to decide on how valuable this is to you; so what’ll it be: $20, $40? Maybe more? You decide. Follow the link below and let’s get started.

Ready to dive in? Here’s the link to make a payment.

Want even more information? Please feel free to drop me an e-mail! I am at or you can find me on Facebook under LisaCurtisCoach.