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A Thriving Practitioner is:
Purposeful and passionate about their Work and Selves
Generous with Insights and Wisdom
Engaged in their Rewarding Practice

Is this you? Do you want it to be you? You can make that happen!


The Eight Balance Points of a Thriving Practitioner

Positive Focus – Set and keep your intentions in a positive focus to support your long term goals.
Patience – Work through challenges as they arise to keep you balanced and available to your clients, your practice and your life.
Full Range of Skills – Hone and polish your skills, learning and engaging new, exciting means to move forward.
Organizational Awareness – Analyze, learn and implement systems that work for you specifically while becoming aware of larger systems around that both sustain and challenge your practice
Energy and Drive – Execute new energizing habits for nutrition, stress reduction, health, exercise and sleep.
Creativity – Uncover your inspirations, allowing for flow, fun and laughter.
Prosperity – Let go of your limiting beliefs around your ability to earn, manage and grow your assets.
Courage and Conviction – Discover what motivates you, drives you and those thoughts that can be limiting so that they can be replaced by a realistic vision of your ethics and skills.

Three easy steps you can take right now!