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– Henry David Thoreau

We can change! We do change!

Sometimes we change because we want to; we seek it out. Other times change is thrust upon us in ways that we could not have previously imagined. Wellness coaching can help you make those changes that you are thinking of for yourself ~ you know, the changes you want to make because, well, it’s just time to do it! And then there are those times when we need to re-balance because a change is more abruptly presented…a new job, a new situation, a realization that there’s a life change headed towards us with mind-numbing speed…the kind that leaves you saying, “Better hold on for this ride!” That’s when it is mighty nice to have a coach in your corner!

I help people who want or need to make changes. Coaching is all about you. As your coach I’m here to help you meet your goals, not to tell you what those goals should or need to be. It’s a uniquely supportive and judgement free relationship. Think it’s right for you? Not sure? Give me a call! Drop me a note and we’ll talk about it! Sure that it is right for you? Drop me a note or give me a call! Can’t wait to hear from you! I can be reached at 914-329-5964 or

Three easy steps you can take right now!