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The Mindful Retirement Podcast

The Mindful Retirement, a podcast about Retirement Lifestyle Planning, taking control of how you want to craft your retired years, is up and running!

There are 6 episodes up on iTunes. I may return to this in the future but for now I hope you enjoy all the wisdom my guests shared.

The Mindful Retirement Podcast

  • Preventing the Fall with Caryn Leventhal Preventing the Fall Show Notes: Caryn Leventhal, Seniors’ Choice Caryn mentioned some great options and I wanted to be sure you got them. In no particular order here they are! Caryn Leventhal, President Seniors’ Choice… Home Improvement Specialists A Division of C & L Maintenance Solutions, Inc. General Contractor #960238 760-518-1836 Phone 760-301-8023 Fax Moen does, as Caryn mentions, have some great looking grab bars ...
  • Igniting Longevity with Melanie Frome The Mindful Retirement – Igniting Longevity with Melanie Frome S1E5 Melanie joins me to talk about yoga, her journey to get where she’s at and how taking care of oneself can lead to longevity; who doesn’t want to have more excellent years for The Next Chapter? Melanie’s voice alone could make you feel mellow and zen ...
  • Wisdom at 100 – Fay Kaplan Don’t know if you’ll reach 100? Neither did Fay but here she is, days away from this amazing milestone, ready to share her wisdom, humor and good wishes for us all.
  • Moving, Stuff and Making a House a Home The Mindful Retirement – Marie Graham on Moving & Stuff A fun talk in this episode with Marie Graham about moving, making a house a home and what to do with all that stuff we seem to have gathered over time! If you’ve ever wondered about how to sort through and decide what to take to ...
  • The Mindful Retirement – Thora Wagner on Moving S1E1
    Thora Wagner is a long time friend and long retired social worker who decided several years ago that she would eventually move out of her big home and into something more manageable. In this first episode of The Mindful Retirement podcast she talks about what prompted her to make the decision, how it has been to move and what some of the strategies she has learned to make it all work for her.
  • The Mindful Retirement – Betty Landis on Planning S1E2
    Betty is just amazing and although I say that about many folks I have on the podcast I always say it because I mean it. Betty did a lot of planning before pulling the plug on her full time career and heading towards retirement. She talks about what she did to plan, who she planned with and how it has worked out so far.