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Theresa MarshMA, CCC-SLP

Working with Lisa was one of the best professional decisions  I ever made. She helped me to refocus my goals, which got me back on track. I have re-engaged with my career, and made major changes with the support I found came from working with a coach. After over 30 years in the field I have found a new appreciation for my work.

Before investing this time it felt as if my life and objectives were out of my control; I moved from assignment to assignment without being aware of the impact that had on my larger goals. I am now much more in control of what I'm doing, where I'm going and what will work for me. I feel much more grounded.

Lisa's ability to be objective, and keep the focus on helping me achieve my goals were invaluable. I would highly recommend anyone interested in personal or professional growth to work with Lisa.

I can't tell you how much your input in my life has affected my ability to grow and handle situations that arise in my day to day living. Your ability to help me learn a new, empowering, way of thinking is irreplaceable. Before we worked together, my decisions were guided by what would be best for the moment, not necessarily what would be best for a long term picture. You really helped me learn how to see all the pieces connect together allowing me to cherish all the moments of my life, even the tough ones.

You have an amazing mind. I am always so impressed with your memory. The life lessons that you have helped me to interpret, through your skilled input, have been invaluable. You taught me life skills I sorely was in need of. Today my life is something I could not have previously imagined! I live where it works best for me to live, I spend time with people who support me and engage in all that life has to offer. It is nothing short of remarkable.

As a Coach you are amazing! I am glad I always have you in my back pocket, to call and help me through anything life throws my way. Be well my friend and teacher. With best wishes,


Lisa is a thorough listener who retains information from one discussion to the next. I have found her to be someone I can rely on. She faces stress with calm and a gracious good humor, qualities I appreciate. I have found her wellness coaching to be insightful. I do not hesitate to recommend my clients to Lisa when they would benefit from her time and talents.

Maureen Smart

Thank you for helping me get on the right path. Your support has been just at the right time.

Lee A.                 

You have been a catalyst for me to think about me on a holistic level. Our work has changed how I see myself. I used to get very stuck in thinking that what had been in the past was what I needed to do for the future; I now realize I have many more choices. What has been doesn't have to be what always is.

Jenny E.