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It’s official! I’m offering a short workshop to get you started on your path to a Mindful, Take Control, Retirement. Hope to see you there!

The Workshop at Greenwich Adult School

One of my classes is a ‘go’ for September 7, 2017! “Do I Go or Do I Stay” is on! We’ll talk about options for where to live and just how to start to think about the future when it comes to the place you want to put your head down at night. Class #17245A, 7pm -9pm Room 425, $29.00 Page 16 for this class and Page 15 for the class on the 14th.

The Class on the 14th ~ Retirement Lifestyle Planning Workshop

Are you beginning to be in the 5 year zone before your retirement date and wondering how the next chapter is going to play out? Have you recently retired and found perhaps things aren’t just what you thought they’d be? This is the workshop for you! I help people move from overwhelmed and perhaps a bit concerned to feeling confident, prepared and ready for their retirement. In this short one night workshop, we’ll look at an overview of the social and mental health factors to consider, some of the unique pressures faced as we prepare for retirement as well as some of the truly wonderful opportunities that are available to you. At the end of our workshop you’ll leave with a plan to help you shape the years ahead in a way that works for you. I’ll leave the financial planning part of retirement to other experts ~ this is your time to put together a plan for how to use both your time and resources to get the most out of The Golden Years.