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Charter Wellness was started after a ‘light bulb’ moment. I realized I had been doing health and wellness coaching with many of the clients who showed up for therapy. So, I got myself a hunk of extra training, because, you know, that’s what you do. Coaching is a unique and different perspective on the process of changing ~ and maybe its just right for you!

If you’re looking to be more present in your current life ~ build practices that reflect who you are ~ then now is the time to do that!  It would be my honor to empower you to make the changes you seek and the future for yourself that you already envision.

Here are some of the transformations my clients have experienced:

Unable to even imagine life outside of the office, let alone selling a business and soaking in the good stuff ~ now? Fully retired, spending time with family and older parents who live close by. Traveling, taking up some new hobbies.

Looked great ‘on paper’ but inside was scared, worried and just learning to articulate that part of that was fear of what life would look like in the future ~ now? Moving, rocking, shaking with good stuff! This client was able to shed the belief that they couldn’t do and has opened themselves up to the possibilities life has to offer. This is the client who sold nearly all their worldly goods and decided to just trust it would all work out!  And it has! Wow!

Recognized that 3 years into life after work, life wasn’t looking so good. In and out of physical therapy following lots of “badges of a well lived life”, not able to do all the great adventures previously planned ~ now? Has found practices to support healing while getting out and jumping, literally, into their list of excellent adventures!

One of the most unique aspects of coaching is the lack of geographical boundaries; I’ve worked with people all over the country and participated myself in telecourses taught by professionals all over the world. All you really need is a bit of motivation and a phone!

Ready to get started? Connect with me to head out on some new adventures!