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6 Days of Laser Focus
I am so glad you’re here and ready to get some focus going in your life ~ and by that I mean something other than focusing on how much there is to do!

“I had no idea how I got here and this isn’t what I thought it would look like…” is a pretty common concern I hear from people when they start to talk about where their lives are right now.

Does this sound like you? I also hear:

  • “I ran my life through a buzz saw and now need to put it back together.”
  • “I’m 41 years old and just not very happy; is that what I can expect for the next 40 years?”
  • “Somewhere I lost my direction but I’m not sure where.”
Have you ever felt surprised or upset when you realized you aren’t happy in your career or worse yet, realized you don’t have a career but have been moving from job to job without much satisfaction? 

Or had that moment when your friend’s comment about your choice of significant others stung so much because they were so right on target?

Dreaded the next family gathering because it was yet another opportunity for your parents or grandparents (or siblings even) to ask what you’re doing with your life…even though you know they both mean well and are really supportive of you?

We’re going to start to tackle the puzzle pieces so that you can get to that sacred place in life when you’re feeling good, confident and exactly where you want to be.

In the next 6 days we’ll concentrate on just where you are now and begin to make decisions about where you’d like to go next.

Here’s the best part; even though I don’t have The Answers, you already do. I believe strongly in you and your knowledge about yourself. I believe that with a dose of quiet, you’ll find the clarity you need to see where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Ready to get started?

Wishing you all the best as you set your focus and move forward.

Lisa Curtis

Lisa Curtis