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The Mindful Retirement – Thora Wagner on Moving S1E1


Thora on Moving

Thora Wagner is a long time friend and long retired social worker who decided several years ago that she would eventually move out of her big home and into something more manageable. In this first episode of The Mindful Retirement podcast she talks about what prompted her to make the decision, how it has been to move and what some of the strategies she has learned to make it all work for her. Thora ultimately decided to move to a Continuing Care Residential Community, often referred to as a CCRC. This arrangement allows her to stay in place even if she requires medical support at some point in the future. Just to be clear ~ CCRCs are not nursing homes! Nor does it look too different than your average cruise ship combined with an apartment building! Each resident has their own apartment or cottage, there are dining choices on site, all manner of recreation on site and if one needs it, medical care on site. Best part? No need to shovel! Take a listen!

Thora on Moving

Curious about where Thora moved to? Jefferson’s Ferry is a CCRC located in Suffolk County, NY and is anĀ  excellent example of just what these types of communities can offer. Here’s their site!

Jefferson’s Ferry

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